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  • CD Classic Monogram Book Tote Bag – Black & White Fabric Women’s Large


    Step into a world where classic design meets contemporary flair with the CD Classic Monogram Book Tote Bag. This large women’s tote is a testament to timeless style and functional artistry. The striking contrast of black and white monogram fabric creates an eye-catching statement piece, perfect for the modern woman who cherishes elegance and demands practicality.

    • Crafted with high-quality fabric, this tote offers durability and a soft touch.
    • Generously sized and thoughtfully designed to hold all your essentials.
    • Offering a chic and sophisticated touch to any outfit.
  • FF Brown Saddle Shoulder Bag – Leather Medium Purse


    Immerse yourself in the warmth and timeless elegance of the FF Brown Saddle Shoulder Bag. This medium-sized leather purse is more than an accessory; it’s a staple of sophistication. The rich brown hue paired with the classic saddle design creates a perfect symphony of style and functionality, ideal for the discerning individual with an eye for enduring fashion.

    • Revel in the depth and warmth of the brown leather.
    • The elegant saddle shape not only offers visual appeal but also ensures comfort and ease, hugging your side like it was made just for you.
    • Its medium size makes it a versatile choice for any occasion, balancing practicality and elegance.
  • GG Ophidia Black Monogram Purse – Women’s Large Tote Bag


    Includes two mini purses / wallets for holding money, coins and other items within the tote bag. This classy black designer GG Ophidia tote bag accommodates an array of big and small items. Essential for the ladies who like to grab a lot of things with them–especially caretakers and travelers.

    • Monogrammed leather with the recognizable green and red decorative strip in the middle
    • Uniquely mounted leather handles for comfortable shoulder carry
    • Includes not one but two mini purses for ladies that like to keep their bags organized
  • GG Supreme Print Ophdia Soft Purse – Brown Fabric Medium Women’s Tote Bag


    Medium size printed purse, could be used to carry out daily functions without worrying about space. The classic print gives you the luxury and comfort at the same time

    • The plain green and red color on top along with the logo compliments the printed base
    • Handle to provide you with the comfort to take the bag around anywhere you want.
    • Black inner that perfectly goes with the fawn exterior
    • Large sized bag spacious, so that nothing is left out.
  • LV Twist Colorful Monogram Purse – White Leather Chain Large Women’s Shoulder Bag


    The LV Twist Monogram Purse is the ultimate choice of the artsy girls. It is perfect for all women alike; great for expressing vibrant taste.

    • White leather to contrast and bring out the rainbow monogram pattern
    • Gold hardware and chain for that extra expensive touch
    • A large central pocket for throwing in an array of things
    • Magnetic lock for easy opening and closing