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  • CD Monogram Addict Blue Medium Shoulder Bag – Fabric Purse



    This medium shoulder purse is an excellent choice for those who want to be seen as the elite and emanate a rich aura. You can never go wrong with this classy color combination that adds the x-factor to any style.

    • Removable strap to switch up the way you carry it
    • Gold hardware and decorative hanging emblem
    • The monogrammed fabric gives it an overall fancy look.
  • Classic Double Flap Purse – Navy Blue Leather Women’s Large Handbag



    Add that Elegant, Fancy and Stunning effect to your look with this Double Flap Bag in Navy Blue Leather. It has enough space to carry your wallet, phone and keys. This diamond patterned hand bag has a very smooth texture. Its shine coupled with the unique color is a must have for your look.

    • Metal logo along with a side shoulder chain
    • Sleek and smooth shape
    • Made of top quality leather
    • Party wear and formal wear
  • LV Felicie Pochette Escale Blue Leather Purse – Women’s Small Clutch Bag & Wallet



    This LV clutch purse is the bag of the summer. The Felicie Pochette Escale clutch is known for its beachy blue vibes and stands out in the sea of handbags. No need to tag your purse; you can spot the vibrant blue from miles.

    • Set includes free matching wallet and cardholder for the boss ladies
    • Small size to prevent overfilling; an essentials only bag
    • Monogrammed leather that gives an overall expensive look