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  • CD Book Beach Tote Bag Palm Trees – Blue Fabric Women’s Large Purse



    This CD blue and white cloth Tote bag is as stylish as it gets, while remaining practical. Roomy enough to carry all your essentials whilst you are shopping and out running errands, while the color-tone adds a modern 2022 look to it. You will definitely not look frumpy when doing the groceries wearing this piece!
    • It’s the one accessory that will bring your entire look together.
    • Cloth material with the CD monograms emblazoned, in white.
    • Fine edging and finishing on the bag and strap ensure a sophisticated, expensive look.
  • LV City Steamer MM Virgil Purse – Blue & White Monogram Leather Women’s Large Tote Bag


    The royal blue LV City Steamer is the best choice in purses for ladies that like to make their presence known without having to announce their entry. The bold blue speaks for its carrier!

    • Large central capacity for maximizing space
    • Flattened internal zip pocket for safe keeping IDs and other vital cards
    • Keyholder on the inside for safely carrying car and apartment keys
    • Classic monogrammed pattern all over the bag body to show off the expensive taste
  • LV Coussin Blue Monogram Crossbody Purse – Medium Leather Bag



    This beautiful blue crossbody leather bag is your go-to bag for any event or time of the day. You can take it for a quick grocery trip or use it as a travel bag. The neutral color won’t clash with anything that you’re wearing and the cloth material just helps even more.

    • Leather straps with optional short chain
    • Fine, firm stitching that won’t tear with your load
    • LV Logo emblazoned on the front
  • LV Escale Tote Bag – Blue & White Pastel Leather Women’s Large Purse



    The blue and white LV Escale Tote Bag is the personification of a sunny day on the beach. With its light pastel colours, it gives your outfits a summery look.

    • Unique tie-dye cowhide-leather trim
    • Metallic silver hardware to draw attention to the colors of the bag
    • Shoulder-carry straps and arm-carry handles to offer different options for carrying
    • Quirky trapezium shape that holds through the ages of use
  • LV Felicie Pochette Escale Blue Leather Purse – Women’s Small Clutch Bag & Wallet


    This LV clutch purse is the bag of the summer. The Felicie Pochette Escale clutch is known for its beachy blue vibes and stands out in the sea of handbags. No need to tag your purse; you can spot the vibrant blue from miles.

    • Set includes free matching wallet and cardholder for the boss ladies
    • Small size to prevent overfilling; an essentials only bag
    • Monogrammed leather that gives an overall expensive look