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  • GG Dionysis Shoulder Bag – Supreme Print Leather Women’s Medium Purse



    The uniquely structured GG Dionysus shoulder bag is fitting for women who like exuding a rich aura. The quirky tiger head closure harks back to the Greek myth of Dionysus crossing River Tigris on a tiger.

    • Sliding chain handle for variation of carrying
    • Antique muted silver hardware to complement the ebony colour of the leather body
    • One zipped and two open compartments under flap for separate space for separate items
  • CD Oblique – Brown Leather Medium Women’s Saddle Bag



    This light brown classic bag is the statement piece that every woman wants. The luxurious light brown sheen and rich leather give you that boss-lady look that you always wanted! Wear it with confidence and you will have people turning around to look at you!
    • Wear it to the office and formal events to look uber-chic. Will also look great on nights out with a fancy dress and stilettos
    • The mini bag is perfect for small items that you may need to take out frequently such as your phone.
    • Gold-tone logo CD accessory hangs with brown faux leather strap
  • GG Marmont Clutch Bag – Pink Leather & Gold Hardware Women’s Small Purse



    A timeless piece leaving the old rules of fashion behind, this epilogue conveys that pieces should be timeless and not only for a specific season. This highlights one of the most emblematic styles and motifs. Since the pink leather and gold hardware complements each other with the classic double G logo.

    • The pink mini bag has a diagonal MatelessĂ© design
    • Quick magnetic lock
    • Antique toned gold hardware
    • Double G logo
    • Metallic chain shoulder strap i.e. also removable
  • GG Marmont Medium Matelasse Purse – Red Leather & Gold Hardware Women’s Shoulder Bag



    The medium sized purse in red leather has a softly structured shape along with a double G hardware and oversized flap closure. The shoulder bag design design is best fit for formal events and party wear. Since the chain strap is sliding it can be worn in multiple ways; a top handle bag or a shoulder one. An engraved heart on the back with diagonal lines on the front.

    • Gold toned antique hardware
    • Double G logo
    • Spring closure flap. Zip closure from the inside
    • Microfiber lining
  • GG Marmont Monogram Small Matelasse Purse – Fabric Women’s Shoulder Bag



    This structured oblong tote bag by GG is the piece that every woman needs in her armoire. Named after matelassé, the figured fabric made with three or four sets of yarns, this Marseilles bag brings an exotic air with it.

    • Gold tone hardware including clasp, GG logo at the front and chain
    • The chain can be doubled to worn on your shoulder or kept long to wear cross-body
    • Classic black and red GG stripes at the front
  • GG Ophidia Camel Supreme Monogram Purse – Large Women’s Tote Bag



    This elegant GG tote bag features a neutral monogrammed exterior with a signature green and red stripe down the middle. It includes a small purse with leather straps to hold your money and other essentials.

    • Includes complimentary matching coin purse.
    • The neutral print goes with any outfit, whether formal or informal
    • Roomy enough to carry your essentials when you are out and about
    • Fine stitching and detailing give the bag an expensive look
  • GG Ophidia Shiny Black Monogram Purse – Large Women’s Tote Bag



    This beautiful black GG tote bag features a black monogrammed exterior with a signature green and red stripe down the middle. It includes a small purse with leather straps to hold your money and other essentials.

    • The bold black sheen makes this bag pop out on any outfit
    • Wear it with a neutral outfit to bring your look together
    • Roomy enough to carry all your essentials when out and about
    • Fine stitching and detailing give the bag an expensive look
    • Includes complimentary matching coin purse.
  • LV Black Embossed Monogram Surne MM Purse – Large Women’s Tote Bag



    If you’re someone who can’t get enough space for day to day functions, then this bag is definitely for you. Giving you the desirous look to go with any dress and carry out the daily tasks.

    • The black embossed texture provide the perfect design needed to level up and differentiate from regular bags.
    • Gold hardware gives the minimalistic look.
    • Zip inside used to provide 3 different compartments making it easier to sort out things
  • LV City Steamer MM Virgil Purse – Brown & White Monogram Leather Women’s Large Tote Bag



    The LV City Steamer bag, as the name suggests, is meant for taking out on a night out and about the city. With City Steamer’s unique leather trim, you will talk of the town wherever you go.

    • Faded leather finish complimenting muted neutral color schemes
    • Capacious central capacity to fit in your entire day
    • Tin handles for hand carry and leather straps for shoulder carry options
    • Monogrammed grainy leather and a unique monogram graffiti
  • LV Classic Monogram Alma BB Small Clutch – Brown Leather & Gold Hardware Women’s Purse



    A brown leather bag giving you the perfect chic look that you are looking for everyday meetings. Giving you that comfort and style all together.

    • Its handle gives you the ease to carry out the bag all day easily without any trouble.
    • Gold hardware compliments the brown leather giving you the perfect combination to rock your look
    • Brown leather texture with monogrammed design providing you with an expensive and classic look
  • LV DamierEbene Flower Tote Bag Big Logo – Brown Leather & Gold Hardware Large Women’s Purse



    Brown leather bag big enough to carry your necessities and other items if you have a long list of items to carry out throughout the day.

    • The long detachable strap gives you multiple options to carry out through the day
    • The spacious inner side along with an inner zip gives you a separate compartment to fill in small things.
    • Could be carries as a shoulder bag or with a handle
    • Brown leather, red inner cloth and golden hardware makes the perfect combination to carry out on a day with multiple places to go to
  • LV Felicie Pochette Escale Blue Leather Purse – Women’s Small Clutch Bag & Wallet



    This LV clutch purse is the bag of the summer. The Felicie Pochette Escale clutch is known for its beachy blue vibes and stands out in the sea of handbags. No need to tag your purse; you can spot the vibrant blue from miles.

    • Set includes free matching wallet and cardholder for the boss ladies
    • Small size to prevent overfilling; an essentials only bag
    • Monogrammed leather that gives an overall expensive look